Problem with the telemetry system.

Hello. There is some problem with the telemetry system.
We also talked about this issue in discord Discord

I measured the number of blocks validated by my node per 6 hours. (from 11/02/2022 11:40 to 11/02/2022 17:40 UTC) This is approximately 15 blocks/hour.
My node Blocks Validated: 4504 (11/02/2022 17:40 UTC)

Therefore, even if you roughly divide the total number of Blocks Validated by 15, it turns out that my node worked about 300 hours - 18000 minutes - 12.5 days. This is close to the truth, since I launched it on the 10/20 according to the schedule.

That is, it is not 700 minutes (In Telemetry according to your data (in Discord) 11/01/2022 09:00 UTC) at all. Due to this error in telemetry, me and another testnet participant were not credited for the “Week 2 Basic Node Operation” task. (basic node turned on for a minimum of 1000 minutes.) Huge request to fix this. Thanks in advance.

My main Wallet Address: 0x6b922e6a9e9406ebb277d401e4dc3b798ab4c8f0
My Controller Address: 0x152927e8b99c88126f7263b5ba62c5f5ad6842cd

Thanks for your service