My Node Does Note Appear on Telemetry

Node Name: 0xCeDB5e75074eE8B42e8A5dae21cec8A422539bD6
Node type; Basic
Issue type: My Node Does Note Appear on Telemetry
List of addresses: Controller 0xCeDB5e75074eE8B42e8A5dae21cec8A422539bD6
Stash: 0xBd1eA07bcc208715e099588adD684eD78F3FF3ed
Running Node via Docker.

My Node does not show up on telemetry. I have followed all instructions my node is running and I have already claimed 400 points on the leadership board

Your in the list. No problem

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Ok. Thank you. Oh I see I have click on peer count icon.