MUST READ Before Node Operation

Please read this post before you run a node.

MUST READ before node operation (pre-launch)

  • For both basic and full nodes
    • Set the node name as the controller address (no need to distinguish between upper and lower case).
    • If uncertain about the submitted address, make sure to check your controller address on Discord before turning on your node.
      • The first address is the controller and the second is the stash address.
      • If you use a different address or use your stash address, your submission will not be counted.
  • For full nodes only
    • The endpoint of external chains must be set as archive mode.
    • Turn on the node on the nth round and check that tx is sent to the relayer address on the n+1th round.
      • If not, the relayer address may be incorrect (points cannot be counted).
      • If this is the case, please reach out to us via the BIFROST Forum and we will check the setting.
    • You must have at least 1.0 Goerli, Mumbai and BnB-test coins in your relayer address.
      • We will send native tokens to the relayer address set during self-bonding.
      • Tokens will be sent within 30 minutes of self-bonding.

MUST READ during node operation (post-launch)

  • Check that your node is properly operating.
    • For both basic and full nodes
      • Check that you can find your node name on Telemetry.
        • If not, make sure to notify us via the BIFROST Forum.
    • For full nodes only
      • Check on the BIFROST scan that your relayer is regularly sending relay tx.
        • If not, notify us via the BIFROST Forum and restart relayer instance.
      • Maintain external-chain balance.
        • Always maintain a 1.0 minimum balance of Goerli, Mumbai and BnB-test coins.
        • Otherwise, relay tx will not be properly sent and this may result in penalties.

Basic support from the BIFROST Team

  • For both basic and full nodes
    • An email notification will be sent out if a node is in an abnormal status.
  • Full only
    • An email notification will be sent out if the relayer’s external balance falls below 0.7.
    • An email notification will be sent out if abnormal relayer action is detected.
  • Penalties may apply if appropriate measures are not taken to resolve the issue.