Task Submission Fail : Basic Node

I can’t submit the task, at the bottom left it always says “Basic Node is offline” I was scheduled to do it yesterday. Even though my node is already here BIFROST Testnet Validators

Please check the starting date of your node operation here. Turn on your node program between 6:00 AM and 4:00 PM (UTC) on your designated day.

the bifrost team sent the email yesterday and i got the schedule yesterday. am I not able to submit the “basic node” task on the leaderboard now?

I checked your controller address, and I found that 0xaa4...33cb9 is your controller address.
Please try again with above address.

where can i check it sir?

BIFROST Team can check. If you want to check your controller address, DM to the BIFROST Team.

Edit: We updated BIT Page. From now on you can find your controller address on “Profile” page.
Addresses on “Profile” page is only visible to you. Basically, other users cannot see your addresses.

I made a clarification on the discord channel, my address which was previously included in the google sheet list, was changed to a new address because I don’t know if we don’t need to create a new account, just need to add the private key and registered controller address

can i create a node with a new controller address?

and the main address can still be used? previously the main address and the controller address were the same.

sounds like my problem.