Wrong wallet for sign up

Hey! When created account, I signed up with the newly created address on testnet.thebifrost.io. (neither stash or controller) So far I can’t submit tasks.

Right now I see a recomedation in chat about signing up with your Stash or Controller. How can I reregister?

I request the change of my wallet address in the leaderboard from:
Main wallet addr: 0x9e1c120c6c42591faadfab826f87e54227cb5dbc
Controller: 0x7254504d81Db6748593b82688891037B59357E24
New Main wallet addr: 0x7254504d81Db6748593b82688891037B59357E24
with the same controller 0x7254504d81Db6748593b82688891037B59357E24 . (I got an answer from one of Bitfrost testnet supporters @dferraros that I should use my controller as a main wallet)

Also want to mention that my node was up and running on time as requested (BIFROST Testnet Explorer) and I want to be able to submit my task “Basic node increment”.