Full node oracle field

What needs to be specified there: “name” “auth_id” and “auth_password”?

      "bitcoin_block_hash": {
          "name": "bitcoinblockhash",
          "auth_id": "AUTH_ID_FOR_BASIC_AUTH",
          "auth_password": "PASSWORD_FOR_BASIC_AUTH",
          "collection_period_sec": 120```
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Trying to find answers for this too. Please team or anyone who know, give explanation what kind of RPC is it and why there should be ID and PASS , and where to get all those… Thanks

relayer delivers bitcoin block hash to BIFROST oracle. Therefore, an api to acquire bitcoin block hash is required. There are many services that offer bitcoin node api for free. ex) Blockchain nodes provider — crypto node as a service | GetBlock.io

If the id and password for auth are not required, you can leave it blank.
(remove auth_id and auth_password field)

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The url field in bitcoin_block_hash asks for an Ethereum Mainnet RPC, not for Bitcoin. Is this a typo then and the credentials for a Bitcoin RPC should be entered here instead?

Also, on Getblock, one can set either a JSON-RPC or REST as the API interface. Which one is required?

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You’re right. And you can get the json-rpc api key of getblock and use it.
Thank you very much for your efforts.

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So, this is really wrong naming in code? OMG

It should be BTC (sigh)