RELAYER issue 'Connection reset by peer'

Started relayed through systemd with bifrost url config
“bifrost”: {
“url_with_access_key”: “
And having error below, so relayer not working… Im not the one who got this issue.

[RPC-Client] 0x00000000:None:None:(‘Connection aborted.’, ConnectionResetError(104, ‘Connection reset by peer’))
request will be re-tried after 180 secs

“” points to a node running on your machine.
Is the node currently running normally?

Hi, yes node working perfect.
I found the problem is that ports 9933 are not forwarding properly, which is node issue, so port 9933 is listening outside the container but RPC is not reachable by this port , because I checked RPC responding inside the container but not outside.I see the issue solving by adding flag --unsafe-rpc-external which makes RPC reachable from outside container, makes ports forwarding working and Relayer having access in this case… At this moment dont see any another solution…