BIT Technical Issue Post Format - EN

Technical Issue Post Format

If you have any technical issues on BIT (BIFROST Incentivized Testnet), please create a post using the below format.

Keep in mind that our team may reply late if you do not follow this format.

πŸ“œ Post Format

Basic Information (Required)

  • BIT ID and name of the node.

  • Node type (E.g Full node, Basic node)

  • Issue type (E.g Node, Relayer, Smart contracts, BIT Tasks)

  • List of addresses: Tester, Relayer, Controller, Stash, and etc

Description of Technical Issue

  • Node operating environment (E.g Node version, OS, Hardware, Execution method, your cloud service)

  • Chain and Tx hash that issue occurred

Detail Information

  • Current status

  • Expected result

  • Provide in steps to reproduce issue.
    (Include at least one of the following: logs, picture, links, screenshot, reference.)

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