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Welcome to Bifrost Network Forum

Bifrost Network Forum is an off-chain component of the Bifrost Network structure. The forum is the place for researching, discussing, and brainstorming the best paths for network development in a decentralized and inclusive way.
Being respectful is the key to a healthy and thoughtful debate that benefits all BIFROST Network participants.

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Please make sure to follow this code of conduct so that everyone can participate in the forum.

Remember to bring thoughts and suggestions to help grow our community
We encourage active and thoughtful discussion on the forum to build a healthy community and an ecosystem.

Keep conversations consistent and informative.
The forum’s purpose is to discuss the development and improvements of the Bifrost Network. Please make sure that your input is consistent with this goal. The deliberate spread of misinformation is not welcomed.

Any kind of verbal abuse or controversial posts will be deleted.
Keep in mind that posts that contain verbal abuse, advertisement, and any form of discrimination will be deleted.

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