Bifrost Node Release Analysis v1.2.4

:warning: The following report is a set of changes that deserves to be highlighted due to their impact on the Bifrost Network. Highlights are categorized into High Impact, Medium Impact, and Low Impact for ease of navigation.

For more information on setting up your node please follow our official documentations.


This report presents the latest modifications to the Bifrost Network’s Node. The key highlight of this new version is the transition in Substrate and Frontier from bifrost-polkadot-v0.9.39 to bifrost-polkadot-v0.9.43. As a result of this update, we’ve now achieved the version immediately preceding the significant new release, polkadot-v1.0.0. Additionally, this update enhances the robustness and reliability of in-built EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) while setting important benchmarks for upcoming functionalities.

Client Upgrade

  • v1.2.3 → v1.2.4

Substrate and Frontier Upgrade

  • v0.9.39 → v0.9.43

Runtime Upgrade Schedules

  • TESTNET : v454 → v455
    • upgraded at block #9472900
  • MAINNET : v2015 → v2016
    • upgraded at block #7850900

:warning: Please note that upgrading your Bifrost Node client is mandatory for Full Nodes after a runtime upgrade occurs. If you’re operating a full node or a relayer on our Mainnet or Testnet please check the runtime upgrade schedule below. If the client has not been upgraded, precompiled contract interactions requested to your node will always fail.

  • [Mandatory] Full Nodes
  • [Recommend] Basic Nodes, RPC Nodes

:fire: High Impact

:hammer_and_wrench: Medium Impact

:speech_balloon: Low Impact

Process to update node client

Please follow the steps below to update your node client.

Step 1.

First, stop your bifrost-node service and remove the installed executable binary file.

systemctl stop bifrost-node.service
rm /var/lib/bifrost-data/bifrost-node

Step 2.

Then, re-download the latest bifrost-node binary.

wget ""

Step 3.

Now, the installed binary must be granted execution permission and moved to your chain data directory.

chmod +x bifrost-node
chown BIFROST_SERVICE bifrost-node
mv bifrost-node /var/lib/bifrost-data

Step 4.

At last, restart your bifrost-node service.

systemctl restart bifrost-node.service